Bug Hotel

Bug Hotel SALE
Bug Hotel SALE
Bug Hotel
Bug Hotel

Woody Craft

£15.00 £25.00

Our Bug Hotels provide the perfect refuge for all minibeasts such as ladybirds, bees, spiders and woodlice. Minibeasts will use your bug hotel as a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators.
Beautifully hand crafted, each one can be wall mounted or placed directly on the ground with the additional ground pegs (Included) providing more stability during bad weather.
Many children will be excited by their discoveries and keen to share the news of which insect they have found. Their very diversity is central to holding the interests of children and the possibilities for learning in all areas is endless...

.It is important that children are taught to respect the natural world and to be gentle with all living creatures. 

Remember... Minibeasts seek cool, damp places to stay, and your hotel should soon be full.

Dimensions apx
27 x 27 x 10 cm

Delivery estimate
Please allow upto 7/10 business days for us to process your order.


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