FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is Tanalised Timber?

Tanalised timber and pressure treated timber are actually exactly the same thing. They both refer to wood that has been specially treated with a mixture of chemicals to make the timber more durable and long lasting. This treatment is done under pressure which forces chemicals into the wood (thus “pressure treated” wood), and generally involves a chemical called Tanalith E (thus “tanalised” wood).
Wood that has been tanalised or pressure treated will be more resistant to rot, fungus, mould, and insects, as well as hardier in extreme weather conditions.

How is Pressure Treated Wood Made?

The process of making pressure treated wood is quite a simple one. Firstly, wood is placed in a large tank that is sealed to create a vacuum. The treatment chemicals are then pumped into the tank, and since there is a vacuum these chemicals are forced into the wood to a depth of a few millimetres. The timber is then left to dry.
The chemicals used in the process mostly consist of copper, which provides excellent protection against insects and rot. Any other chemical involved is a “biocide” which means that it kills naturally occurring things, in this case, kinds of rot that copper doesn’t prevent against. All the chemicals used in the process are safe and can be used around both children and animals without worry.

How Can I Tell if Wood is Treated?

There are a few ways to tell if the wood has been pressure treated. Firstly, the wood should be clearly marked as treated with a stamp. This is sometimes cut off when the timber is cut down to size though. Secondly, treated wood that’s relatively fresh should have a green tinge to it. This green colour fades over time down to a honey gold, and then a silver grey. But any timber you’re buying that has a green tint to it has been treated.

How Long Does Tanalised Timber Last?

Its difficult to say since a lot will depend on how timber is treated. A shed that’s on top of a windy hill in a very cold climate might not last as long as one in the sheltered corner of a garden. But circumstances aside, tanalising timber should mean that the wood is rot proof for a good number of years. In general, we say that the inside of the wood should be protected for about 60 years, and the outside for about 30 years. This is without any extra treatment, staining, or painting on your behalf. Again though, how you treat the wood is going to have an effect on how long it will last.

How Do I Treat Tanalised Wood?

You do not have to treat tanalised wood, though it is recommended for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your timber will last longer if you choose to do some maintenance. Secondly, tanalised or pressure treated wood tends to change colour over time. If you wish to avoid wood turning grey as it ages, then treating it will help.
It’s recommended that you treat your timber with a tanalised timber treatment that you can buy at most DIY stores. This treatment simply paints on over the wood and is simple to use.

Do I need to paint/stain the products?

No, not at all. You can safely leave our products outside without any further treatment should you wish to. However, the timber will simply last longer if you choose to apply stains or paint.
And don’t forget, that wood is going to change colour over time without further intervention. Pressure treated wood is initially green, but this will fade to honey gold, and then a silvery grey colour.

How long does it take to Process orders/Delivery estimate?

As the majority of our product range can be made to custom specifications, this occasionally means the processing time for each item can sometimes differ. We take care hand crafting all of our products and aim to have orders processed within 7 to 21 business days.
Please read individual product description for more information.

Could I collect my order, what are your open/close times?

Yes no problem at all. In fact many customers prefer to collect their orders directly from us, not only to save time and money. But our display occasionally features new up and coming products and also offers customers a view of our fantastic products being made right in front of you!

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