The Brighter the Better- Painted Mud kitchens

Here at Woody Craft we love to encourage our customers to Paint/Decorate our Mud kitchens to not only give each one a personal touch but this will also give the wood an added layer of protection, which can only be a good thing. Not to mention the added fun in doing so!

Including children during this fun and creative process can improve fine motor skills and encourage self expression.
The Brighter the Better... We recommend using a combination of different colours to create different styles or perhaps just let the kids decide! The choice is yours and the options are endless.... If your stuck for inspiration, Take a look at some our our favourite customer personalisations...
For best results, you should use a primer before painting.

.......CUSTOMER IMAGES .........


Do I need to paint/stain the products?

No, not at all. You can safely leave our products outside without any further treatment should you wish to. However, the timber will simply last longer if you choose to apply stains or paint.
And don’t forget, that wood is going to change colour over time without further intervention. Pressure treated wood is initially green, but this will fade to honey gold, and then a silvery grey colour.

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